Existing within an age of computers, Storyline.Digital preserves moments of creativity in a rapidly changing art landscape, documenting the reciprocity found at the intersection of art and digital innovation.


We are a team of virtually connected artists and art enjoyers who are fascinated with art, technological evolution, and time, and how all interconnect to shape the world we live in.


Storyline.Digital is a timeline, a gallery, and an archive of artists’ stories in the computer age.

Storyline.Digital curates and hosts a showcase of submissions from artists across North America. The project features artists’ original creative works in a digital gallery format, alongside personal responses to a standardized set of questions about the intersection of art and technology.

At its core, Storyline.Digital serves both the practical function of an archive, documenting artists’ engagement with technology through the very means by which they record and submit their pieces, as well as a virtual community gallery space, sharing new creative works in an accessible, digestible, and free fashion.

Mission Objective

Storyline.Digital is a response to the rapidly changing landscape of sharing, viewing, and consuming art in a digital era. We want to preserve snippets of creative moments, documenting the way artists across a variety of mediums interact with technology, and tying that process to their perspectives of our computer age.


By calling on artists across diverse geographies, backgrounds, and creative disciplines, we aim to establish an artists’ community and audience base that is eclectic and, like us, fascinated by the ways digital horizons seem to hold both risks and possibilities. We prioritize fair pay for all contributing artists and have implemented an artist fund so that our audience has the opportunity to support our initiative.


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