Dae Dreams

By Dae the Poet

Published: 2020-11-29

She is voguing, snake owning

French-speaking, ass-kicking


She is awesome

She is confident in who she is

Not just what she does

I believe there is who you are, then there is what you do

We often confuse the two

What do you do

When the idea of who you are and what you do

Isn’t enough to get you out of bed anymore

I can’t let this superficial success fill my soul or my

head anymore

It’s been 3 weeks since I have done anything for anybody

Including myself

I haven’t written a single poem

All my auditions feel like games

Every single proposition

I just blame, blame, blame

Maybe it’s my outfit today

Maybe this pimple on my face

I’m just not feeling okay

I didn't want to do it anyways

Am I selfishly chasing a life with no guarantee or


That’s the artist’s life

It’s not till the end that you’ll understand it

Now I got all these people looking at me

Telling me they believe in my dreams

But in the end I know it’s only conditionally

Only when it's making them money

Us artists are seen like commodities

Stocks rise every time we present flawlessly

But no amount of currency

Could make this artist perform like she’s the greatest

If she just wasn’t feeling the greatest

So I take my time

Because money comes and it goes

With the same people who came for it

I write these rhymes

Because if this gift of mine can’t make me a dime today

Then what is it good for anyways?

Sometimes it feels like absolutely nothing

So I consume validation until I get real high

Problem with that feeling is

It comes so fast

And leaves just as quick

We are a social media generation fiending for a fix

When the world outside our phones just isn't doing it

When the world outside my phone just isn’t doing it

I sit with myself quietly

Until I feel like doing what it is that I do

I recite mantras aloud and dream of the future of you

I say if I can be anything I will go everywhere

If I can be anything I will go everywhere!

I say this until I feel my spirit levitate

I say this while dreaming of the future of me

Until I can see her clearly

I would imagine she is vogueing

Snake owning


Ass-kicking, backflipping

She is awesome

She has grounded her sense of self

In so much more than material wealth

She is

Confident in who she is, not just what she does


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