To My Mom

By Jacob Sandler

Published: 2020-05-10

To my mom, Jennet Sandler, also human, also woman, also artist, also friend, also partner, also wife, also sister, also daughter, also caretaker, also homemaker, also hard worker, also guide, also glamper, also traveler, also reader, also thinker, also appreciator of the arts —

Who never fails to show up for me, challenge me, love me, accept me, make me think, inspire me —

Thank you for life, for love, for patience, for putting up with me, for hard-learned lessons, for adventures, for your sense of style and your eye for design, for thoughtfulness and emotional intelligence, for teaching me how to talk about my feelings, for talking about your experiences with gender stereotypes and gendered violence, for showing me the value of independence and alone time, for encouraging me to grow even if it took me far away, for being an example of unconditionality (and what that can be), and for so adeptly fostering that balance of simultaneously holding on and letting grow.


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