What's in a Story? #10

By Diane Twineheart

Published: 2020-08-26

What’s in a story? Limitless potential, our collective history, our unbound future.

Everything is contained within a story.

The whole sum of the Universe is found in the stories we souls tell each other. They are our past, our fantasies, our wishes, our psyches revealed. Our stories are expressions of thoughts that exist beyond this immediate moment. They contain our hopes and fears, and everything in between.

Our narratives contain slices of us, our consciousness, allowed to exist outside of ourselves. They tell the world who we are, and what we believe in.

When we find the vulnerability to share our stories, we are able to touch the hearts of strangers. Our history, consumed in art form, has the power to shape the future. What will others learn from us? What mistakes can be avoided?

They say those who forget history are doomed to repeat it, but history is always taught through the lens of our stories. We cannot, and shouldn’t try, to remove ourselves from our perspective. Our stories are unique to us, and it’s this individual uniqueness that is our greatest gift as humans.

Within us all is the secrets of the Universe. Every soul is a unique fragrance of the divine, with stories that are individual gospels on the meaning of the cosmos. They tell the stars what life looks like from our perspective. Our stories expand the Universe as our consciousness lingers in space. They define our existence, and extend our impact beyond the life of our flesh.

Our stories are so much more than simply a retelling of facts, or an invention of fiction. They’re portions of consciousness weaving, reaching beyond our bodies, beyond time itself.

Stories are the parts of us that linger, the impressions we leave behind in the trails of stars.

What’s necessary for a story? The rise and fall of conflict, the journey, the transformation? Facts and fiction? Cultivated image or an unmasking?

The heart of humanity is interlaced in our narratives.

We are in our stories. Our flesh and blood. Our minds and hearts. When we share our stories with the world, we are allowing the world to see us for who we truly are. The consciousness that resides in each of us, that magical spark of soul, that inner light lives forever through the telling of our stories.

We should all share ourselves.

Share yourself, the world needs to know who you are.

People love to witness conscious life through the eyes of another, and by sharing our stories we are allowing other people to glimpse into our own sliver of stardust.

We all learn more about ourselves through sharing stories.

Through telling our authentic stories, we show others who they are. When we hear the stories of others, we are better able to see ourselves, and through presenting our own stories, we give people a new perspective to weigh their own lives against.

Our stories bind us together, connect us to our past, and create new visions for the future.

In my humble opinion, there is nothing more valuable than a good story, because a well-communicated story, regardless of content, captures a fragment of human consciousness and holds it close for all eternity.

Our stories are everything to us.

So share your stories. Use your voice. Speak, write, create, move and make. Bless us with your vulnerability, please, speak your narrative.

Share yourself with us so that we may love you.

Share your story with all its vibrancy. We want to be moved, to sway to the breeze of your undoing. The fall and the rise of you, transformed. We want to witness your rebirth. We are hungry for a bite of your consciousness. Spread it over our plates in whichever form flows most freely.

The whole Universe is your audience; we are captive in our waiting for you to bare your soul. Please don’t disappoint us.

So what’s in a story? Everything.


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